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Materials Trending at the Maison&Objet 2016

Maison&Objet, the renowned French trade fair and among the world’s three most important interior design events, recently concluded its first edition of this year’s bi-annual tradeshow. As a benchmark for global industries, the fair offers a multifaceted glimpse into excellence and innovation in the world of luxury, design and interior decoration. The highlights of this year’s Maison& Objet include innovative surface treatments and finishes, with materials poised to be one of the most exciting areas for 2016. The fair showcased a wide range of cutting edge materials for the first time, which is a twist in trends seen in previous years. Even tastemakers were astounded by the surprising materials that made this year’s fair distinct from the rest. Designers no longer adhered to the conventional means of using materials that were already available. In fact, they took a different approach and produced their own raw materials. Naturally, new looks and applications were key c

10 Ways for a Couple to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, which means florists will be swamped, card stores jammed, movie theatres houseful, shopping malls crowded and restaurants overbooked. Take a road less travelled, a different approach. Make your partner feel loved by decorating your space with quirky accessories or upgrading to new furniture. These additions can make your home the most romantic place to be on a Valentine’s Day. 1. The cosy Loveseat : They say three is a crowd, that’s when a loveseat came into vogue, just for the two. An ideal spot for you to cuddle with your partner and watch a flick or two, or have breakfast together. Our loveseat collection includes Fama MyApple , Fama Helsinki , Fama MySoul, NicolettiHome Mood and more. A loveseat for just the two 2. The fun Throw Pillows: You can add throw pillows on your sofa or carpets as they make your space look cosier. Pillows are not only meant to be lying around on your furniture but can be put to use in various ways like