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10 Love Seats Any Couple Will Enjoy

When couples are at home, they apparently enjoy doing a lot of things together, for instance- watching a movie, reading a book, browsing through their phones or working on their laptop or even enjoying a nightcap or two. Well, you'll be surprised, we have sofas that go with your every mood. Whether you're in a mood to sleep, relax or read, there's a sofa you will very much relate to. Time to browse through the list: First let's explore the most versatile sofas ever from our collection. Wondering why? Because you can arrange them at will and configure to match your needs. 1. Mood: What are you in a mood for? The Mood sofa by NicolettiHome . This versatile sofa is designed to meet your changing needs throughout the day - from a sofa to a chaise longue to a bed. The best part is that you can get this sofa in the colour you like from our wide range of fabrics. The movable backrest gives you the lumbar support you need for longer sitting. 2. Bubble: Just lik

The World's Best Now On Sale, Up To 30% Off

What the 2020 budget didn't announce - The Comfort Sale, up to 30% off on our entire collection of sofas , chairs , dining tables , recliners , beds , outdoor furniture  and more. Original designs, crafted in Italy, Germany, Spain, and Norway. Designed and crafted by the pioneers in furniture , going back to nearly 100 years. Award-winning designs conceived by world renowned architects from Europe. Cutting-edge designs that are built to last with 400 quality checks and over 30,000 cycles of impact testing for sofas. The designs are sustainable, stylish, and straight from Milan. From sofas to dining tables, the designs are tested with science and art to make sure it's comfortable, ergonomic, functional and durable. At Simply Sofas the options are more than ever before. You will perfectly find an all-round furniture solution for your home with a personalised touch. Delivering a one-of-a-kind furniture, in simpler terms, one can customise any piece of furniture depend