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Everlasting Moments. Crafted by Sofas That Bring You Closer.

  On the face of it, Simply Sofas is in the business of retailing the latest and largest collection of fine ‘Made in Europe’ furniture. But walk in through the doors of our showrooms and you’ll soon realise that, in essence, we are in the business of helping create emotive spaces that nurture a strong sense of well-being, accomplishment, and togetherness.  Facilitating memorable moments and lasting relationships? Yes, that’s us. That’s what we are truly about. ‘Creating Memories’    “In a few years from now, they’ll fly the nest. What we’d like them to remember are these little moments… of us all being together on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Moments that we know we’ll cherish forever.” In the pic: Bonnie by W.Schillig – a modular and cosy sectional sofa that comes with a cuddly corner. ‘Nothing’s Changed’    “We were the infamous backbenchers, nicknamed ‘Lords and Ladies of the Last Row’. Catching up after decades made me realise one thing: although much has changed in our lives, what we

How to Style Your Grand Living Room

Here’s a list of must-have furniture pieces to include in your large living room. These not only add style and class to your space, but evoke a sense of scale and grandeur.   A note, though. While large living areas are wonderful for entertaining, they present their own set of challenges – they may not be as cosy or functional for everyday living. Precisely why you need sofas that bring you closer.  A Sprawling Sectional Sofa   Pictured here is the Monnalisa by NicolettiHome . An elegant and enveloping sofa like this makes for an anchor piece that presides over the room. Everything else – the rugs the lighting, the wall art – is planned around it.  What’s special about this sofa is that it comes with movable backrests and armrests; allowing for formal and informal seating. Perfect for entertaining guests and for precious moments with the family. Statement Armchairs  Every well-curated living room deserves a statement armchair or two, or more. As an element, it provides for bold visual