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20 Coffee Tables for Any Setting

Perhaps you’re looking forward to redecorating your living room or buying  new furniture for your home, and the first thing that you decide on is the  sofa. What next? The coffee table, of course. The focal point of every living room. We have put together a list of COFFEE tables that suit different styles of furniture and decor. 1. Tonin Casa Alaric: This contemporary table entirely made of glass has a doubled-top and a magazine rack. Alaric is suitable if you have a more space in your living room. Tonin Casa Alaric 2. Tonin Casa Amira: This round table comes in three sizes. The base is made out of ceramic. Amira comes in wide array of colours to match your decor and is versatile when it comes to fitting into any floor plan. Tonin Casa Amira 3. Tonin Casa Dubai: An oval shaped table with a cultured marble base and tempered glass top. The base is painted with RAL colours. Its oval shape and the base in the middle are an added advantage as foot injuries are less while