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The Best of Superdesign Show 2022

Superdesign Show is the most visited and renowned exhibition which takes place every year at Superstudio Più laterally during the main exhibition - Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Located in Tortona Design District, over 60,000 people visited the exhibition this year. The exhibition is dedicated completely to interactions and promotion of design, art, fashion, technology, entertainment, innovation and to all other fields of contemporaneity bridging gaps between Italy and the rest of the world. Under the supervision of Gisella Bporioli and artistic direction by Giulio Cappellini, the show added buzz to the design capital of the world.  The theme for the overall exhibit was entitled 'Looking ahead'. A deeper insight into the concept suggests distancing ourselves from the belief that "everything will be as before" and anticipating a future that has to be reformulated in all its expressions, in this fashion, the designers and companies were invited to align themselves w

These Were New at Triennale Milano 2022

 For any given year, the Triennale Design Museum has always been an unmissable part of our itinerary during Milan Design Week . Located inside the Palace of Art building, the Triennale allows visitors to explore excellence in design through various points of view – all part of a program that interweaves permanent exhibitions with ad hoc exhibition events. Changing the topics covered every year; thereby renewing and transforming itself.  This year, we got to see, among others, Driade by Fabio Novembre, Memphis Again by Ettore Sottsass, and Mathieu Lehanneur’s State of the World. Driade on stage at Triennale. Art directed by Fabio Novembre, the Italian architect and designer uses furniture design here to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure. Featuring Marcelo Burlon, Sfera Ebbasta, Omar Hassan, and Pow3R alongside their designs.   Forest Tales is an exhibition presented by the American Hardwood Export Council and curated by Studio Swine.

Fascinating Glimpses from Fuorisalone 2022

 Fuorisalone, which coincides with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile at Rho Fiera, is a set of events and exhibitions spread across the city’s design districts. This year, we visited two of its most significant ones - Brera and Tortona. Interestingly, although Fuorisalone started in the early 1980s by companies working in the furnishing and industrial design sectors, it does not have a central organisation and is not managed by any Institution. Today, it has expanded into many related sectors including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion, and food. Drawing a lot of designers, architects, students, and professionals from all over the world. Here are a few of the many exhibits that caught our imagination at Fuorisalone 2022. The Art of Dreams by Porsche The Porsche installation at Brera Design District. A courtyard, nature, summertime and a classic car. Celebrating timeless design. Another piece by Porsche, The Art of Dreams incorporates a dozen piloted drones int

It’s 50 years of The Godfather. Here are 5 doppelgangers of one of its leading protagonists.

Today, we’d like to deviate a bit from Milan Design Week and celebrate an important moment that bears a significant Italian connection – year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece ‘The Godfather’.  One of the greatest movies ever to be made, The Godfather portrayed the Italian immigrant culture, and mobsters as individuals of considerable psychological depth and complexity, with incredible insight. A key protagonist throughout the film was the Chesterfield; which featured in crucial scenes; effectively adding to the mood of and establishing status, power, and intrigue. Now who would think of furniture as a key protagonist? The Italians, for sure. Take the Bonaldo 2020 collection as an example, where eminent Italian designer Mauro Lipparini conceived of interior decoration, of furniture in general, as creating a scene. He envisioned products that could both work together and stand apart as protagonists, in the domestic scene and beyond.

Architecture Watch: CityLife – a Futuristic Marvel in the Historic City of Milan

 On Monday morning, we travelled a short distance away from the old city centre of Milan and got to see CityLife – an ambitious and futuristic residential, commercial, and business project designed by eminent architects such as Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, and Daniel Libeskind.   At the centre of the 90-acre site are three commercial towers surrounded by residential buildings and public green spaces. Generali Tower, known as Lo Storto or "the Twisted One", was designed by Zaha Hadid. The geometry of the building is such that the dimension of the floors and their orientation vary along the tower axis. Libeskind Tower or PwC Tower, also called Il Curvo or "the Curved One", was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. The facade of this tower is made of sustainable, state-of-the-art glass that reflects the public space below and vistas around.   Allianz Tower, locally nicknamed Il Dritto or "the Straight One", was designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and