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The Architect and Interior Designer’s Guide to Choosing a Luxury Sofa

As our yearly travels to Milan Design Week attest, the biggest architects, interior designers, and design houses do all agree that choosing the perfect luxury sofa is not just about finding a piece of furniture that looks great. It's about finding a sofa that fits the space, complements the overall design aesthetic of the individual/ the family, and meets needs – physiological, social and emotional. In this article, we'll explore five key points that the industry’s most seasoned design professionals consider while choosing a luxury sofa for their client, and their homes. What’s the Space that We’re Looking at? Is it a grand living room, a family room, a transitional space, a recreational room or a cosy niche? Factors such as the size and shape of the room are key to determining the size, shape, and functionality of the sofa to be. What’s the Overall Aesthetic? The style of the sofa should complement the overall aesthetic of the home. Whether you prefer classic eleg