Monday, December 30, 2019

10 Floral Inspired Designs You Should Introduce In Your Decor

Thanks to the Milan Design Week, what's trending comes right out from the horse's mouth. The realm of infusing floral or botanical patterns in your decor is now the latest trend in the world of interiors. Florals have really evolved over the years. It’s probably why they never really go out of style. Besides using wallpapers, curtains, carpets and furnishings to instill a floral look, here's a new side you should explore - printed upholstery.

The Coco lounge chair in three different colours brings out style and elegance through a collection called Blumarine introduced by the Blufin group for Calligaris. The rose, the flower emblem of love and beauty par excellence, takes centre stage in Anna Molinari’s collections. Drawing inspiration from the fashion, Coco exemplifies comfort and style.

Characteristics: Romantic and feminine.
Pairs well with: Stripes or neutral background

Coco by Calligaris 

Arianne Love
This modular sofa is inspired by the 60s design. One can arrange the modules with wide options such as straight modules, chaise longue, straight puffs, modules curves, round puffs, two different corner modules, and tables with a lift lid and chest. The possibilities are endless, the only thing left is your infinite imagination. The floral print on the fabric upholstery allows for endless ways to design your space.

Characteristics: Colourful, playful and charming.
Pairs well with: Country, Victorian, and retro styles. Blends well with contemporary setting if executed well.

Arianne Love by Fama

Inspired by the 50s design, this oval shaped bench is part of the FIFTIES collection featuring a slender four-leg metal profile, combined with the classic and refined velvet, leather or the faux leather upholstery with its silky and soft feel, all characterised by warm shades. The botanical print makes the bench look elegant and grandiose in any environment.

Characteristics: Tranquil and suave
Pairs well with: Geometric patterns

Fifties bench by Calligaris

The Astoria armchair is distinct with its amazing comfort and elegant design provided by the chesterfield backrest inspired by the armchairs of the 50s, in combination with its soft curves and modern style. The printed upholstery uplifts and reinforces its looks.

Characteristics: Avant-garde and soothing
Pairs well with: Bold colours and lively ambience

Astoria by Fama

La Caracola
This armchair is so versatile that one can use it as a reading table, telephone table or hall chair. Upholstered in printed patterns, this chair blends well with any contemporary setting. The arm table gives it a great functionality, as well as an attractive and very special look.

Characteristics: Savvy and bohemian
Pairs well with: Art Deco style

La Caracola by Fama

Inspired by the furniture of the 70s with rhombus capitoné on the back, Simone is captivating with its high back that offer an exceptional comfort. Playing with Renaissance paintings, Simone armchair is simply irresistible.

Characteristics: State-of-the-art and freshness
Pairs well with: Rustic and classical look

Simone by Fama

A high back chair that goes well in the living or bedroom. Stylish and functional, the chair comes with a storage space under the seat. The cupid print on the chair makes it attractive from any angle.

Characteristics: Adds visual freshness, dynamic
Pairs well with: Vintage or contemporary setting

Galan by Fama

Designed to please the contemporary taste, Marlene is inspired by the 19th century "bergère": an armchair that ensures comfort by its deep seat and wrap-around backrest. The floral patterns make it stand out in  any setting.

Characteristics: Old-fashioned and sophisticated
Pairs well with: Geometric patterns such as checks and polka dots if they’re in the same colour or hue.

Marlene armchair by Natuzzi

Josephine and Pauline

Josephine is a sofa, while Pauline is a chaise longue. Plush and ergonomic both deliver unprecedented comfort. Both are available in printed upholstery, but if you already have other components in your decor dressed florals then you can opt for this sofa or chaise longue with throw pillows in floral patterns. This balances the look.

Characteristics: Energetic, passionate and peaceful
Pairs well with: Urban Modern, minimalist and chic.

Josephine sofa by Fama

Pauline chaise longue by Fama

Whether your space is classic or modern, you can incorporate florals or nature-inspired patterns into the most settings. The trick is understanding how to work with them in terms of pattern, colour, texture and scale. Besides, there are two ways to go about using floral patterns: big and bold for a statement look or smaller flowers for a more accented look. Imbibe these tips in your decor and you'll feel the difference. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Top 15 Popular Furniture Designs From 2019

This year was So Fa, So Good and let's hope the start of a new decade will be even more phenomenal and exciting in the world of furniture and design, but before we say goodbye to 2019 here's a glimpse of the most popular furniture designs loved by our followers on social media.

Top Sofas
The elegant Bamboo sofa in new colour exhibits a special detail of black chromed metal, wood and leather on the armrest frame. This sofa comes with adjustable headrests. Available in a wide choice of colours and upholsteries. From the Italian brand - NicolettiHome.

The exuberant looks and feel of the Flirt sofa by Koinor makes it eye-catching from every angle in your decor. Curvy contours, high back sitting comfort, adjustable armrest and slender legs for a weightless look.

The new Pepe sofa from Koinor is known for its versatility. A unique feature that sets this model apart is the semi-circular individual seats that can be rotated 90° to the outside and 50° to the inside. The pivoting headrest offers better comfort, and is available in two colours.

The Iago sofa features clean-lined square shapes that harmonise with the softness of the padding for a surprising aesthetic effect. The particularly low seat adds comfort and pleasantness to the design. In this sofa, beauty combines with innovation: relax systems allow to achieve maximum comfort by adjusting the footrest and headrest as necessary, while the beautifully handcrafted "pinched" stitching frames the padding and enhances the upholstery. And of course, reclines to give you limitless comfort. WATCH VIDEO HERE

The new Josephine in bold colour with cushions in colourful floral prints. This love seat has curves that form a distinctive silhouette. A smart sofa that offers cushy comfort. From the Spanish brand Fama. Available in a range of colours.

An inviting modular sofa allowing you to arrange seats the way you like. With deep seating, plush cushions and convenient modules with built-in table surfaces. From the brand W.Schillig.

An award-winning sofa from the German brand Koinor, Marilyn never ceases to impress you. Ergonomic and functional, the three individual seats can be combined, moved sideways, and rotated by 360° giving one the freedom of personal space.

Arianne Love in new colours and prints invokes a playful ambience in any space. The most versatile sofa ever made and lives up to its name with its inviting design and endlessly extendable modules. By the Spanish brand - Fama.

Brio is the ultimate recliner sofa for those who love to watch movies, relax or even take short naps. With adjustable backrest and footrest. Available in a wide choice of colours and upholsteries. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

Philo sofa by Natuzzi comes with a unique design, with its refined quilting and the shape of its metal feet. All the seats individually recline and the simple, clean-lined shapes of the armrests and backrest blend with the softness of the padding for unmatched comfort and excellent visual impact. Available in wide colour range and configurations. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Top Dining Tables
Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo, Calliope extensible table by Tonin Casa comes in fixed and extensible versions; with the chairs of your choice. Available in a wide choice of top and base finishes.

The designer Gino Carollo's desire to create a strong contrast between the base and the table top is brought to life in the Amond Table for the Italian brand Bonaldo. The table retains a great sense of formal and aesthetic balance. The diamond-shaped base conveys a sense of light weight and sophistication. The base and the top are available in a range of finishes.

The Jungle table by Calligaris flaunts a base with a branched entanglement of triangular legs connected by sturdy joints made from solid wood. This exhibits Calligaris' highest expression and ability to work with wood. The top is available in a wide range of finishes.

Other Designs
Kylian from Fama is an abode of unparalleled comfort. With high backrest and smooth curved lines, this armchair has a traditional yet modern look. The adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion makes it a desirable piece of furniture. Available in a wide choice of colours and upholsteries.

This new coat hanger can be a new addition to your bedroom space or even office or living room. Parentesi by Fabrice Berrux is a coat stand upholstered with fabric, which stands out for its simple yet uncommon style and goes well with any setting. Made in Italy, from Bonaldo.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

A Brilliant New Way Of Life - The Latest Milan Collection 2020

Behold, the fresh and the latest Milan Collection is here! The Trendiest. The Finest. The First of its kind. The new new. With exciting colours, floral patterns, never before-seen materials, cutting-edge designs, furniture with innovative and built-in technology to give you an experience of a new way of life.

Last April, we covered the Milan Furniture Fair LIVE and brought to you the new updates on the latest collection, innovation, trending colours and materials and now you'll find these new designs seated in our 5 showrooms across South India.

The latest collection is crafted by Europe's finest furniture makers, from Italy, Germany, Spain, and Norway. Designed by the world's foremost furniture designers, and legendary architects.

Reflex and Ezpeleta are the two new brands that are added to our prestigious family of brands that include Natuzzi, Koinor, NicolettiHome, W.Schillig, Fama, Bonaldo, Calligaris, Tonin Casa, Alf Italia, Stressless, and Bordbar.

Josephine by Fama

The stunning collection will keep you flabbergasted with multi-functional sofas, motion sofas, sofas that function with the aid of an app, modular sofas that let you create the seating arrangement as you wish or even sofas that don't look like a bed but turn into one.

Astoria by Fama

Dining is more stylish than before with interesting base with gold finish, with unique base structure, made with transparent crystal and more.

Monogram by Calligaris

Bedrooms are more personalised and allow for an individual experience. With a mix of classic and contemporary, there is no room for excuses, just comfortable, functional and chic.

Home theatres are designed with movie essentials like cup holder, ottomon, storage box, lazy susan to give you a out of the world experience.

The outdoor furniture chooses to be quintessential as well as functional. With features like water-resistant, water-permeable, waterproof, low maintenance, anti-bacterial and moisture resistance, there's no question of maintenance.

Outdoor furniture from Ezpeleta

With the latest collection, you can add a burst of colours to your space with our upholstery in over 425 shades of European leather and 325 fabrics.

Over 75 years of master craftsmanship, and built like no other, with 400 quality checks, and specially developed materials.

Over 360 innovative designs at any given time, with award-winning original designs.

Choose off the floor or order to meet your unique needs, over 20,000 premium customers and counting.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Molteni&C, Dada Launch in Bengaluru, India

The launch of the dedicated, new Molteni&C and Dada space was brought to life at our Mekhri Circle showroom by the presence of some of the South India's leading architects and interior designers, and high profile business-people of the city. 

A Sunday brunch event, guests explored the collection in great detail, spending most time on the Gliss Master wardrobes and Dada kitchens

Built into the lazy, glamorous spirit of the morning was a live artistic photographic shoot by one of India's leading photographers - Waseem Khan, who explored the connection between fashion and luxurious living.  

Fashion Photographer Waseem Khan at his best
There was also a special Italian wine tasting session, hosted by an Italian wine expert - Luca Bernadini, supported by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Wine Expert - Luca Bernadini shares his knowledge on 3 selected wines
Some of the stunning pieces from Molteni&C collection designed by the world renowned architects include D.154.2 Chair by Gio Ponti, Gliss Master wardrobes by Vincent Van Duysen, Clip bed and Diamond table by Patricia Urquiola, and the Prime kitchen from Dada were seen on display at the newly enlarged showroom.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Member of the Lok Sabha P.C. Mohan and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Cafe Coffee Day Nitin Bagmane were present during the occasion.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr C. N. Ashwath Narayan explores our Molteni&C | Dada Collection

Member of the Lok Sabha P.C. Mohan visits and gives his best wishes
Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Cafe Coffee Day Nitin Bagmane (second from right) joins in celebration of the launch of Molteni&C | Dada

The afternoon culminated in an Italian and Mediterranean lunch, served at the terrace level, prepared by award winning Chef Saha. All in all, it was the perfect way to introduce the sophistication of Molteni to South India. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Quest Ends Here | Limited Sale At Simply Sofas

You probably have a dream house or a dream car or maybe you're just still looking for one. Whatever your answer is, all of us have gone through or will go through a stage in life wherein the search for the best becomes a tedious task. Everything has to be taken into consideration - the looks, the maintenance, budget, features. And when you finally find what you are looking for, you're completely satisfied. Well, searching for your dream sofa or the right furniture for your space can also be daunting. You have to think about the size, whether the colour fits your decor or functionality that eases the usage. But, don't worry, we're here to help you find the best furniture for your home. Your Quest Ends Here.

Currently, we are having - Limited Sale on Select Collection, Up to 30% off. On our large collection of furniture for living, dining, bedroom, and home theatre recliners. Original designs, crafted in Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

This means you can get your dream sofa or chair or recliner in the colour, size, and configuration of your choice. International Brands like Natuzzi, Leolux, Koinor, NicolettiHome specialise in leather sofas whereas the Spanish brand like Fama specialises in fabric sofas.

Whether you prefer a 3+2 or 3+2+1 or 3+2+2 seater? We have them! Some of our sofas come with the modular system that allows you to configure your sofa the way you like depending on the space you have in your living room. 

Looking for functionality? Though they look modern and sleek, some of the sofas are quite interesting than the rest. Some sofas may look like a normal sofa, but can actually convert into a bed with a simple mechanism or can transform to a recliner at the touch of a button. Or quite simply can be controlled by remote or app.

Hundreds and thousands of colours to choose from with patterns of your choice. Also, if you really want to personalise your sofa you can have your favourite picture printed on the upholstery. That is as close to getting your sofa customised.

As much as there are many options in the living room collection, the dining room is no less. Dining tables are available in wood, marble, glass, and ceramic with matching chairs in high or low back options. Fixed or extensible tables, your choice. Some of the features include heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Want to unwind in style or relax in nonchalant comfort? Recliners are your take. Motorised or manual, we have the right size, colour, and configuration you want. The recliners come with options of ottoman, lazy susan and other accessories. 

Over 350 sofas, 120 dining tables, 200 chairs, 70 recliners, and a lot more. All born in Europe. Crafted by award-winning architects. Suitable for modern Indian homes. Can be customised to the size, finish, colour, and configuration of your choice. Visit our showrooms in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kochi to explore our fine collection of European furniture that's best for your home.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Workplace 4.0 at Milan Design Week 2019

Workspaces have evolved. They are more flexible, more permeable, and more dynamic, vouching for interaction more than ever now. The Workplace 4.0 exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019 showcased just that; how workplaces are reorienting themselves to the well-being and the privacy of people, even amidst open plans and shared spaces. Versatility and modularity take over as comfort gets more personalized. Office becomes as much a space for self development as for work. Personal well-being is not really a secondary goal anymore as reset places engage community and strive to beat down stress and the subsequent loss of productivity. Workspaces evolve as more collaborative and inclusive places of learning.

Here are a few trends that we came across at Salone 2019 that are redefining the modern workspace!

1. A slice of privacy in a shared space.

Acoustic partition panels. Acoustic chairs. Acoustic lounges. Acoustic tabletops. Technology changes the norm as filtering out all that noise becomes possible, in the literal sense of the word. Sound-absorbing fabrics reign, from discussion rooms to workstations to everything in between. To zone out for tuning in. Into better productivity at work.

Manerba celebrates 50 Years of Evolving Office with the Stem designed by Philippe Nigro, that is a sort of micro-architecture for interiors, that is reflected in a wide range of design solutions like bookcases, wardrobes, partitions, lounges, and acoustic separators.

2. Sustainable elements enter the workspace as curtains prevail over glass.

3. Pastels mark a very strong presence across various elements of a workspace. Arper unveils chairs in a wide range of soft pastels to deck up interiors in a fresh, calming feel. Pastels like millenial pink, burly wood, rose brown, and nude blush. Fading hues of peach, apricot, salmon, and cantaloupe. Very soft crepe, latte, and sepia tones.

Pastels in different shades paired with each other. Or paired with neutrals like grey, ivory, taupe, beige, black and shades of white.

Patsels on chairs, juxtaposed against a table in white, to exude unbelievable softness. Or contrasted with deeper, bolder tones to bring back that striking retro charm of the 50s and 60s. Pastels on the lights, on the drawers, on the partition panels, and on the cabinets to lend an effortless sophistication. And an irresistible appeal.

4. Ceramic tabletops with marble prints take precedent over the glass ones.

5. Flexibility remains the underlying trend across workstations and conference rooms as height adjustable tables and chairs with slimmer lighting elements become a norm.

6. Fixtures and accessories declutter the tabletop to enhance focus and increase productivity at work.

7. Along with chairs, even the storage gets wheels to align with the fast moving pace at work.

8. Lights get fancier. While lighting gets more sensitive, soothing, and amicable for the environment at work.

9. Fixed swivel chairs become a hot trend.

10. Two-tone chairs redefine elegance at work.

Unifor unveils a multimedia installation curated by Ron Gilad at palazzo di brera. Comprising of a giant book that aims to represent knowledge, the striking piece interacts with the surrounding as the bronze statue of Napoleon appears to be reading the open pages. Where Unifor’s 50 year history is proudly illustrated. The idea is to link Unifor’s industrial culture with the educational values of one of italy’s oldest schools, the accademia di belle arti di brera.

Watch this space as we cover more updates in our next post. Follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #DesignSoGood to get the latest and the hottest design trends right in your phone.

Straight from Milan Design Week 2019.
April 9 to 14.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Four Hottest Colour Trends Emerging at Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw a riot of colour emerge as designers went out of their way to experiment with hues and patterns to excite and inspire. Hues that are soulful. Patterns that trigger emotion. Colours that perfectly encapsulate the mood of a space.

We bring you the four hottest emerging colour trends for the year ahead, straight from Milan! So that you know what’s in, what’s out, and what was dead decades ago.

1. Pastels paint a pretty picture

Guess what’s not white but prettier and more soothing to the eye? Pastels are back. And designers are using them extensively to deck up interiors in a fresh, calming feel.

Pastels like millenial pink, burly wood, rose brown, and nude blush. Fading hues of peach, apricot, salmon, and cantaloupe. Very soft crepe, latte, and sepia tones. Mauve. Frost and wheat hues. Blue of the morning mist and lighter tints of lilac. Orchid, lavender, and light steel. Pistachio and neo mint. Banana, maize and old gold.

Pastels in different shades paired with each other. Or paired with neutrals like grey, ivory, taupe, beige, black and shades of white. Or perhaps contrasted with deeper tones of the same colours as themselves.

Patsels on chairs, juxtaposed against a table in white, to exude unbelievable softness. Or on the sofa, contrasted with a rug in deeper, bolder tones to bring back that striking retro charm of the '50s and '60s.

Pastels inside the bedroom, on headboards and rugs, to emanate a cozy and romantic feel. Pastels on the lights, on the drawers, and on the cabinets to lend an effortless sophistication. Pastels in the kitchen, in the living room, and even in the workspace, for an irresistible appeal.

2. Contra colours boldly lead the way

Be it lending a snuggled and cocooned feel to a space. Or making it look more regal and elegant. Or rather adding a non-conforming pop of colour just to add that missing fun element. Deeper, darker, and bolder tones are in. And designers are undauntedly playing with colours to create a statement.

Pastel shades are being contrasted with inkier tones of the same colours. Chairs and tables in candy red to crimson to ruby to garnet steal attention. Furniture in saturated colours like gen-Z yellow, international klein blue, mango, and burgundy stirs up excitement. Moss green and emerald green on upholstery set the mood just right. Sofas in cinnamon and coffee paired with neutrals like charcoal grey, taupe, and ivory create a classy, suave look.

3. Metallic is the new Black

Metallics spell luxury. And metallic accents are big this year with everything from furniture to curtains to walls to ceiling, all pepped up in bling. Decor pieces sport shimmering golden and scintillating silver accents for the classic Victorian look. Chairs and tables with gilded frames seek to create a nostalgic vintage feel. Metallic highlights like brass, copper, bronze, and nickel create a sleek contemporary look. Interiors get more vibrant and graceful with all the sparkle and shine, paired with a little bit of sass, of course.

4. Prints create a stir

Furniture gets a lot cooler with prints that are brighter, bolder, and unusually daring. Upholstered chairs and sofas sport prints that are overwhelming colourful. Prints floral and otherwise. Prints that are wild, vivid, and stimulating. Psychedelic, even. Patterns and graphics that audaciously stand out. Furniture that screams attention. Furniture that serves as the perfect invigorating piece to an otherwise unexciting space. To keep that vibe alive. And to elevate the style quotient, quite a few notches higher.

Watch this space as we cover more updates in our next post. Follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #DesignSoGood to get the latest and the hottest design trends right in your phone.

Straight from Milan Design Week 2019.
April 9 to 14.