Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Furniture inspired by Art. Now in India.

In the medieval ages, paintings were often used as a means of communicating religious sentiments or dogma. But over the centuries, this form of art has come to be a reflection of people’s lives. Furniture too has its roots in art. In fact, the contemporary furniture designs of today are evaluated and judged just like higher forms of art. Leolux, the Dutch furniture maker, is synonymous with the concept of artistic furniture design. With their unique, multi-faceted collection, and art as their inspiration, Leolux furniture is one-of-a kind. 

Design and art
If you think of your home as a canvas, Leolux is the art that adds life to your decor. At Leolux, art, design and craftsmanship closely bind and work inseparably in every detail that goes into crafting their furniture. The Leolux way of collaborating between craftsman and artist drives creativity. The craftsman inspires the photographer, the artist influences the designer, and the interaction between the disciplines inspires and motivates. Even Leonardo Da Vinci talked about how creativity and craftsmanship are inextricably linked with one another when he said art is a higher form of knowledge that is founded on craftsmanship.

Personalized furniture
Just as every person is different, each Leolux piece is also unique in its own way, since each one is produced to order. Bringing people from all kinds of creative disciplines together - craftsmanship, artists, stylists, and photographers collectively work with a vision to give shape to their dreams about living thus creating a product as unique as you.

For over 80 years, Leolux has built quality into every prototype, from indestructible frames, to foaming, cutting and designing each detail to craft a robust piece. High-tech and pure traditional craftsmanship are critical, with all manual work delivered flawlessly. 

Clear vision
Since its flagship store in the Netherlands, Leolux has become a household name synonymous for distinctive designs. Besides, Leolux is known for long-term values where sustainability is a high priority and thus produces timeless products with a long life expectancy.

Leolux Collection
The Leolux collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who find characterless mass-produced furniture not an option. The range includes designer sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, and footstools. A Leolux sofa is also produced specifically for you with the loveliest materials, for years of enjoyment. The Leolux mission of “making sitting a pleasure” is fulfilled with craftsmanship and finishing that provokes through its design and internals produced with innovative techniques and high-quality materials. Lovely from the outside, smart from the inside. Authentic products where experts combine know-how and craftsmanship, made to order for open-minded people with their own dimensions and taste.

Simply Sofas is pleased to have this trademark as a part of its series of distinct furniture brands. Visit our showroom to experience the extensive designs. Also, test drive a Leolux by sitting on one, and you’ll feel for yourself how the Leolux process comes together to create fantastic furniture. 

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