Come, Fall in Love with Bonaldo

Every brand at Simply Sofas has a story to tell and the newly launched Bonaldo, an Italian brand, has something that makes it unlike any other.

Since its conception 8 decades ago, Bonaldo has evolved from a craft-based business specializing in metal work, to one of the foremost names in Italian design and production, as well as a leading producer of high-end contemporary furniture.

Creativity, elegance, innovation and quality have always been values that defined the Bonaldo DNA. Each piece is unique and the final output reflects Italian design and flamboyance unique to Italy that cannot be reproduced elsewhere in the world. Distinguished for its versatility and eclecticism, Bonaldo products are designed to accommodate the demands of a dynamic and international market.Their high-tech approach, combined with hands-on craftsmanship, exemplifies the best of Italian design.

Bonaldo has transformed ideas into designs that generate excitement and inspire love at first sight. You’ll know when you see one. Emotion and soul are both Bonaldo’s mission and a vital part of the experience. Each design expresses a different emotion. Through emotions and design, they have successfully interpreted the requirements of the contemporary world.

Bonaldo’s “design à porter” philosophy means that practical functions and aesthetics are equally important in every project. 25 Italian and international designers contribute to interpreting the eclectic Bonaldo spirit. These synergies have led to the creation of complex projects, distinguished by a rigorous simplicity, pure silhouettes and different materials. Through its designs, Bonaldo creates modern products, giving each piece its own identity.

From tables and chairs to consoles and accessories, each piece embodies the company’s commitment to deliver high quality standards. To create the perfect furniture, every product goes through cutting-edge processes, with attention to every tiny detail. The use of modern fabrics, materials and techniques makes Bonaldo the right choice for contemporary homes. Their modern furniture collection is a real treat and will work wonders in any interior setting. Their award-winning designs add a layer of elegance and sophistication to any décor program.

To experience true Italian contemporary style, visit our showrooms and fall in love at first sight.


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