Milan Design Week 2024 | Highlights of Day 6 & 7


As Milan Design Week 2024 draws to a close, Days 6 and 7 promise to be a crescendo of creativity, where design disruptions, pioneering innovations, and awe-inspiring exhibits take centre stage. These final two days promise an experience that will challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of modern design thinking even further. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the highlights.


NicolettiHome's latest unveilings at Milan Design Week 2024 are a masterclass in contemporary sophistication and versatile design ingenuity. The vibrant Artis high-back chair, a modular sofa in two tonal shades, and a kaleidoscope of innovative patterns and shades that redefine contemporary living.

Tonin Casa 

Fresh from Tonin Casa. Introducing the Venice Moon pendant lamp crafted from lustrous pearl glass, alongside a stunning array of mirrors featuring moulded borders and asymmetrical designs, breathing life into diverse spaces. Completing this immersive showcase are the brand's striking coffee tables, featuring vibrant colourways and sleek glass tops that exude a bold, contemporary aesthetic.


Natuzzi's 65th-anniversary celebration at their Milan Flagship Store is a resplendent homage to the brand's rich Apulian heritage and unwavering pursuit of artistry. The centrepiece of this commemorative showcase is the awe-inspiring 'Puer Apuliae,' a monumental oil-on-wood painting by Gino Donvito. This masterpiece is part of the "Crociata Federiciana" series, pays tribute to King Federico II of Svevia and celebrates the enduring collaboration between Natuzzi and the Apulian artist.

Complementing this artistic tour de force are the cool blue tones of Natuzzi’s latest launches, evoking a sense of tranquillity and understated luxury.


Ezpeleta unveils a new collection of stools made entirely from recycled materials.


Fama's latest upholstery series is a daring fusion of art and design that pushes the boundaries of traditional design. The collection features four artful yet distinct images of intimacy that celebrate cross-cultural connection. Fama also introduced the versatile Teseo sofa that allows you to arrange and rearrange according to your preferences.


Glimpses of the eclectic exhibitions within the TOILETPAPER APARTMENT. This imaginative space hosted a trifecta of captivating exhibitions - TOILETALEX PAPERPRAGER, SHOWRING PARTY, and DOORS OPEN AT TOILETPAPER STUDIO - offering a glimpse into TOILETPAPER STUDIO’s surreal aesthetics and boundless creativity.


SaloneSatellite showcased a captivating array of young designers and innovative creations. From Yuto Ikarigawa's nostalgic 'Pigeon Table' to Roosa Ryhänen's 'Form Follows Intuition' collections and Tells Studio's incorporation of Chinese characters into furniture design, the exhibition celebrated fresh perspectives. Aretai's 'Silver Lining' lamps, crafted from upcycled vaccine vials, conveyed resilience during the pandemic. Deniz Yenidogan's experimental projects initiated dialogues between objects and people, while the ‘Pruva’ bench confronted individualism through its design, encouraging shared seating experiences. Filippo Andrighetto's award-winning ‘Veliero’ shelving system, meticulously crafted with interlocking oak joints, paid homage to Japanese carpentry and Danish minimalism.


‘Making Sense of Color’ is a sensorial installation by Google where synchronised sound frequencies transform the visual experience, thus creating a captivating interplay between sight and sound. A must-see for those intrigued by design innovation and the profound influence of colour on our sensory experiences.


Lasvit's award-winning Re/Creation installation featured the mesmerising ‘Bois de Cristal’ piece by Senior Designer Maria Culenova, blending folded plywood and copper layers to create a unique light effect. Alongside Re/Creation, Lasvit unveiled new collections like CIPHER by Yabu Pushelberg, intricately decorated glass pieces orchestrating reflections and shadows, and MILES, inspired by music-making, featuring elegant horn-shaped designs. Additionally, the MASTABA collection by Wanda Solík Valihrachová drew inspiration from stepped pyramids, offering versatile glass designs for wall decoration, partitions, or panelling.


Diverse uses of metal structural finishes on facades by leading architects in the Brera design district. By Studio Libeskind.


Kia's 'Opposites United: Intersections Beyond Boundaries' blurs the lines between traditional design and artistic expression. The installation signifies Kia Design's commitment to shifting the conversation beyond the realm of mobility, to refocus on human experience and connection – concepts that, alongside the idea of a community in open dialogue, represent the beating heart of Kia's Design.


Altreforme introduces 'Bindoo', a vibrant collection of mirrors designed in India by the renowned architecture studio Kumar La Noce. Crafted from 100% aluminium, this lively mirror series pays homage to the sacred Indian concept of the Bindi, the "point" that symbolises the source of all creation.

Doorway to Colors 

FerreroLegno's 'Doorway to Colors', is an exhibition exploring the dynamic power and interaction of colours. Colours aren't just applied to the door; they become a spatial tool, elevating the door from a mere furnishing element to a canvas for artistic expression. 


Under Pressure Solutions – an experimental project by ECAL focused on minimising the environmental footprint of the furniture industry using shape memory materials.


The 'Vita: New Living Solutions' sculpture by Tonino Lamborghini is a futuristic, self-supporting marvel inspired by the iconic Toro, embodying the unmistakable DNA of the brand.

Follow us as we continue our coverage all this month and stay tuned as we bring you the most-awaited Milan Design Week Report 2024.

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