So Fa, So Good for the Planet: World Environment Month Focus


We believe that creating a beautiful home shouldn't come at the cost of our beautiful planet. This World Environment Month, we're celebrating furniture brands that are making waves in sustainability. Each of these brands demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly materials, innovative manufacturing processes, and an overarching dedication to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Let's take a closer look at how these brands are making a difference.


Molteni&C's outdoor furniture collection, crafted under the creative direction of Vincent Van Duysen, is a testament to sustainable luxury. Their pieces, including sofas, coffee tables, poufs, and armchairs, are meticulously designed using eco-friendly materials. A collection that intertwines freedom and a deep connection to nature. 


Pianca's dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their production. From choosing clean energy sources to utilising biological, certified, reclaimed, or recyclable materials, they are at the forefront of green industrial policies. Their constant pursuit of eco-friendly resources, processes, and technologies goes a long way in preserving our environment while reducing their carbon footprint.


Reflex embraces the inherent beauty and eco-potential of glass. Many of their pieces are made entirely from recyclable glass, with environment-friendly water-based paints and lacquers used for coloured finishes - proving that sustainable furniture can be as stylish as it is sophisticated.

Schüller / next125

Schüller and next125 embody responsible manufacturing with their investment in eco-friendly production facilities and the use of scrap wood-fired heating systems. Their adherence to the PEFC standard ensures that the wood and wood-based materials originate from responsibly managed forests. Schüller’s commitment to eliminating CO2 emissions has earned them the title of "Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer," highlighting their dedication to sustainability.

Natuzzi Italia

Natuzzi Italia’s Terra Pouf, designed by Marcantonio, emphasises a sensitive approach to materials and processes in a planet-friendly manner. The pouf uses bio-based materials and eco-friendly coatings, with no internal structures or frames. The upholstery is crafted from natural fabric, and the interior is made from a polystyrene alternative derived from wheat, reflecting Natuzzi Italia’s commitment to eco-conscious design.


NicolettiHome supports a sustainable future by creating fabrics from 100% recycled plastic bottles collected in the Italian cities of Piemonte and Lombardia. This innovative process reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, with the recycled polyester fabric carrying international certifications such as GRS, TC, LCA, and OEKO-TEX. Each fabric piece is traceable, documenting its supply chain and ensuring its originality.

Calia Italia

Calia Italia’s production process prioritises sustainability by optimising fabric consumption and minimising waste. Their automatic cutting machines reduce scraps, while constant monitoring and optimisation of energy and water consumption reflect their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Calia Italia's dedication to green initiatives is further reinforced by its DNV Environmental Systems Certification and FSC Certification.


Koinor’s advanced production technology and high-quality materials are coupled with rigorous quality assurance tests. All Koinor products carry the "Golden M" certification from the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel and the FSC certification, ensuring that the wood used is from sustainably managed forests.


W.Schillig’s dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through their low-emission and non-toxic products, certified by the German Furniture Quality Association. Their partnership with Interzero focuses on recycling and conserving resources, while photovoltaic modules on their rooftops produce green electricity, underscoring their commitment to sustainable production.


Fama’s Nature Collection, inspired by Antonio Ferre’s Recover project, features 100% recycled fabrics made from industrial fabric remnants, used clothes, and plastic bottles. This collection highlights significant environmental savings, reducing water usage, contaminants, energy consumption, textile waste, and CO2 emissions - exemplifying how modern furniture can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility.


Stressless, with its ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certification across factories in Norway and in the US, is steadfast in its efforts to promote environment-friendly practices. Their policy of sourcing FSC or PEFC-certified wood ensures that the materials used in their production come from sustainable sources.

Alf Italia

Alf Italia's dedication to sustainability is evident in their efforts to save resources and reduce their environmental impact. From rationalising processes to increase productivity without increasing energy consumption, to high-efficiency waste sorting, recovery, and reuse of raw materials, Alf Italia is taking comprehensive measures to minimise its carbon footprint.


Calligaris was awarded the prestigious FSC Furniture Awards, a recognition of their commitment to using sustainably sourced wood. This dedication to ethical sourcing ensures that the beauty you bring into your home doesn't come at the expense of our forests.


Ezpeleta's commitment to sustainability is evident in its chairs, which are crafted from 100% recyclable polypropylene. This lightweight yet durable material ensures long-lasting beauty without compromising the environment. Their award-winning EOLO PURETI parasol takes eco-innovation a step further. This parasol utilises photocatalytic nanotechnology to purify the air, offering the anti-pollution effect of planting two trees.

As we celebrate World Environment Month, Simply Sofas takes pride in curating a collection of furniture from these incredible brands that are paving the way for a greener, more conscientious future in the world of high-end furnishings. Visit our store today and discover the perfect pieces to weave sustainability seamlessly into the fabric of your home.


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