Friday, September 30, 2016

How to prevent cat from clawing your furniture

Our feline friends are lovely pets and are known for their independent nature. They love to play, cuddle, sit on cosy places, they like getting your attention and like to go pretty much wherever they want. Just as cats are adorable, they can be annoying at times when it comes to clawing your sofa or other furniture in the house. You may despise it but for a cat, it is a normal behaviour and a natural instinct. 

Displace Cat's scratching behaviour to harmless material like scratching post

Why do cats claw?

Before we go into what ways you can keep your cat off the furniture, you first need to know why they claw. Cats need to scratch and climb because they are highly enjoyable feline activities and are part of the essence of being a cat. 
Scratching conditions your cat’s claws by removing the old layers of the nails. It helps them to keep their claws sharp and healthy.
A cat’s paw will have scent glands and scratching releases scents on the furniture or carpet to communicate territory boundaries to other cats and animals. Even if you have only one cat at your home, she/he will feel the need to transmit information in this manner.
When cats stretch, it provides exercise and loosens up leg and shoulder muscles and tendons in the cat's paws. 
Scratching makes the cat feel good. It relieves stress and decreases the possibility that your cat will develop other unwanted behaviours.

Cats feel good when they scratch

Ways to prevent your cat from clawing your furniture.

 Since your cat will want to and need to scratch, provide your cat with alternatives so that she/he learns to alter her behaviour and scratch on harmless things like scratching post. Through classical conditional method, you can train the cat to scratch on the post instead of the sofa. 

Vinegar is a natural product, so you can add vinegar to a spray bottle and spray it near your sofa if you don’t want your cats to get on. The vinegar smell turns down a cat. Vinegar is a deterrent for cats and a deodorizer that cleans the air around your furniture. 

Spray water as soon as you see your cat on the sofa.

Cats don’t like citric food. So keep citric fruits near the furniture.

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