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The Milan Furniture Fair brings out the best in innovation in every furniture maker and brand. Some however, make an impact that goes far beyond trends, affecting, at a much larger scale, the way the industry evolves. Such is Natuzzi, which, this year too held its own and made an indelible mark on the Fair.
    The charming and effervescent Pasquale Natuzzi, certainly one of the most enduring personalities of Salone Milan, took the lead.
    Amongst the many introductions is a new color and a new upholstery leather. 3.2 mm thick and made from the finest North European hides, the new leather is processed in Natuzzi’s own factories. There are also new fabrics. Apart from a slew of new sofa and chair designs, the collection has also taken some of last year’s best ahead with new versions. Natuzzi’s approach of coordinating all the elements of a living room is amplified this year. The center tables, coffee tables, lamps, carpets and accessories are stylized with more character. There are also a number of dining tables & chairs to go with the rest.  
To call the Tempo just a sofa would be inadequate; it is a whole system of style and comfort. The already iconic sofa consists of modules that allow for the possibility of various arrangements. The design of the fabric-clad sectional sofa is such that one can break down and alter an arrangement at will, adding freshness to the space without affecting the harmony of the elements, or simply optimising floor area. To create the right mood, there’s a Bluetooth device that plays music on surround-sound speakers which, incidentally, are also used in the Maserati. The controls are cleverly concealed below the fabric. The flexible back cushions are filled with down feathers, and, with the movable headrests, provide truly yielding comfort. Marble top coffee tables of different sizes and chromed legs, a lamp and a rug make up the complement, defining a character that’s distinctive and par extraordinaire.
The famous Natuzzi Sound Chair now comes with Bluetooth, which means that you can feel and hear the music as you sink into the iconic shape. The Borghese is a new model designed for small spaces. The adjustable headrest has a mechanism that’s almost invisible, and the legs are wooden. Inverted piping running across the Respiro sofa makes it unlike any other. All in all, the collection embodied new details, greater attention to endurance and inspiring proportions, all packed into the familiar Natuzzi style.
Natuzzi’s collaboration with the world of art was conceived in 2007 under a concept called the ‘Open Art project’, with the aim to make art accessible, bringing together untenanted expression and technical innovation. The collaboration that has taken root this year is with the famous Fabrizio Plessi, one of the most ingenious artists of our time. Spanning 40 years, Plessi’s work includes projects for Luciano Pavarotti, Louis Vuitton, Robert Wilson and Philip Glass and he is the only living artist to have exhibited at the Scuderi Papali at the Quirinale in Rome.
Milan Furniture Fair

 While the Natuzzi booth at the fair reflected the theme currently envisaged in the collaboration, aptly named The Shape of Energy, the event that was held at the Natuzzi flagship store on Via Durini on the evening of April 10th brought it to life in grand style! Plessi is known for edgy combinations of video and various physical structures to create powerful art that inspires and excites, and such was the work at the Natuzzi store.
   On display at the ground floor was a unique assembly of low tables. Each table, with a multi-layered top composed of solidified volcanic lava, revealed, through an opening in the lava top, the incessant, fluid motion of molten lava beneath the surface, supplanted by the throbbing sounds of its passage. The theatrical effect of the installation is unlike any other. Plessi writes that lava means “lighting up our memories, passions or roots once more”, reflecting the dynamism, innovation and energy which have constantly inspired Pasquale Natuzzi and his company. Fabrizio Plessi will create, together with Natuzzi, an exclusive and exciting product collection - authentic pieces of art created for everyone, where the value of art merges with the value of design and materials.
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