Friday, April 17, 2015

Milan 2015- Fusion of Wonders

With a glimpse of the first impressions, we are back bringing you more designs and trends that caught our attention on the third and fourth day of the fair. As discussed in our previous blog snippet on Euroluce and Workspace 3.0, the exhibits below stole the show with their extraordinary designs.

That UNESCO’s “Year of Light” designation for 2015 is an apt one, is evident from the fact that the pavilions in Euroluce were flooded with arrays of unmissable lighting. The most important trend in the lighting section appeared to be how to tell a story. This denotes that contemporary designers have transformed into storytellers. LED light sources took centre stage compared to the traditional light sources.  When it comes to lamps, chandeliers, and bulbs, various kinds of designs and shapes exhibited form beyond function. No amount of adjectives suffice to describe the most attractive light system that filled us with awe: none other than the mood lighting system, which is interactive and changes its mood with your hand movements. It’s simply amazing and here’s the YouTube link for you to get a glimpse of it.  
"Year of Light" evident from fascinating lights at Euroluce
Another noteworthy episode at Milan was the workplace exhibit with Michele De Lucchi's "The Walk", marking the central installation at Milano2015. Located in Pavillions 22-24, one can see the vision of the office of the future. The Walk was divided into four thematic areas that include Club, Free Men, Agora and Laboratory. This philosophical project re-imagines offices and covers all aspects of work environment from productivity, relationships along with new possibilities, imagination and knowledge. Starting from a staircase, the work level is extensively projected with the use of four quadrants. ‘Club’ denotes areas of social exchange intended for exchange of thoughts and socializing. ‘Free Men’ signifies a place of intimacy proposed for individual and group work. ‘Agora’ represents a space for collaboration and community gathering that leads to self-expression. ‘Laboratory’ stands for a place of design where learning takes places alongside of creativity and communication.

"The Walk" at Workspace 3.0 divided into: Club, Free Men, Agora and Lab
Another striking installation at the fair was the snake seat that stretched more than 2 feet, suitable for people of different heights. Also, a design worth mentioning was the great space design which is mirrored from outside and broken into patterns, hiding the inside that lit a room full of lights. The Maria Teresa Chandelier is not to be missed. Though created in 1726, it is such an opulent and elegant piece, that the decorative lighting maker Preciosa created a line of modern day successors, from a classical reinterpretation to a contemporary version. A peek into how a young designer at the Milan Furniture Fair exploited need and function to create wonderful and fresh pieces of furniture exhibited remarkable talent in the young.

Mirrored walls reflecting light (Left) and Maria Teresa Chandelier back from 1726 (Right)
 Additionally, one of the material trends for this year’s Milan is apparently smoked eucalyptus taking over a new wood finish. But a hasty judgment may not be precise. Time will tell at the end of the fair. Also, diesel Living took coordinated interiors to a new level of detail. The flooring, each wooden piece is toned dark in a gradient, adding to the illusion of depth in a small space. On a different note, one of the colour trends of the season is blue. This colour ranges from light blue-grey to a dark royal blue. Fabrics, plastics, walls, doors - the colour is everywhere, making it an emerging trend at Milan 2015.

Diesel living interiors (Left) and emerging colour trends at Milan (Middle, Right)

Get glued with us for the next few days for more Milan updates, to get a glimpse on a fusion of colours, material, designs and trends. We reiterate stay tuned with us for LIVE updates only at:

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