Monday, April 04, 2016

What does the new campaign image for the 55th edition of Salone del Mobile 2016 mean?

Does it mean that Milan being the global benchmark for design and the home furnishing system has evolved from trade fair to "must see" occasion along with its public fascination by its iconic area? Or could the eye in the logo mean a better glance at the 55th edition?

Milano is presenting a new image encompassing both past and future to the Salone people.
Here’s what Salone del Mobile has to say:
"An eye and a number: semantics never fails. The eye acts as a substitute for the product, or rather for the thousands of products that will be exhibited. The eye is the midfield of the seen object, but also a symbol suggestive of a vision. It was, in any event, the first symbol used by the Salone in 1960. It is its origin, its birth, and the early years of the early successes. 55 is an occasion, not just a number. Phonetically, it is musical, memorable, and repetitive. But semantically it celebrates without being ponderous, it affirms a point of arrival, lends weight to the entire celebration. It proclaims that Salone has decades of success behind them. Here, then, is the new campaign image: a cultural homage to artistic citationism reflecting 60’s design in celebration of our origins, great rigour and acknowledged leadership, expressed through the colour black, the absolute backdrop against which the primary colours of numbers and eye, dates and promises leap out. The verbal message becomes even more assertive. "If you're not there, you should be" indicates that there are two levels to certain occasions, where one excludes the other, you're either in or you're out. It becomes a mental and spiritual involvement, the energetic centre of an event that is infinitely greater than its physical expanse."

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