Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10 ways to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Celebrate the season of joy and happiness by filling your rooms with the magical touch of fine detail. Transform your interiors with these 10 ideas to make your home ready for Christmas.

It’s the best time of the year to get together and dine with family and friends. Bring elegance into your dining room with accents of cream, gold and silver.

Joy to the world. Bonaldo Doppler Sideboard. Bonaldo Tratto. Bonaldo Note.

Let the merry sounds of Christmas carols bring cheer to your home.  Create the perfect ambience to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Entertain spectacularly with uniquely designed sideboards that can house your home entertainment or a Christmas buffet.

Warm the cold winter air. Calligaris Lift. Calligaris Glenn.

Bring home the smells of Christmas with simmer pots and trays. Create the fragrance of the holiday season with a choice of potpourri, scents, fresh fruits and plum cake.

Blink a bright red and green. Bonaldo May. Calligaris Alvin. Calligaris Conner.

Green and red are the merriest colours of this season. Use the colours of Christmas with gloss and matt finishes that blend beautifully with the season, bringing your living space to life.

Frost and cheer. Mario Cioni Dondolo. Mario Cioni Nettare Divino. Mario Cioni Harry’s.

Nothing says festive like the clinking of glass. Raise a toast to the festive season with crystal glasses that are handcrafted in Italy. Decorate your home with frosty crystal centrepieces that invoke the wonder of winter.

Carols by candlelight. Calligaris Cathedral. Mario Cioni Candelalbero.

Spread warmth into your home this Christmas with the warm sounds of carols by the soft play of light. Candles are a classic way to bring home the festive spirit. Place candles around your home to spread warm tones of light and make your home cozy this winter.

Spread love and light. Calligaris Phoenix. Calligaris Andromeda. Calligaris Allure.

Set the tone for the festive season at home with beautiful lamps to adorn your living rooms and doorways. Bathe your interiors in their warm glow of ambient light this Christmas.

Walk in the winter wonderland. Hands Urbane. Hands Nouveau.

Stay warm this winter with hands beneath your feet. Exquisite carpets and rugs, hand-crafted with delightful detail. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to adorn your home.


Where heaven and nature sing. Calligaris Kork. Calligaris Tivoli. Bonaldo AX250.

Keep it simple by using elements of the natural world to decorate your home. An adorned Christmas tree, burlap, and cork trays will bring nature into your home.

The joy of giving. Tonin Casa Ross.

Celebrate the joy of giving with gifts wrapped in colourful paper. Stack them on a trolley or under the Christmas tree and come Christmas day unwrap them with your family.

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