Thursday, December 22, 2016

15 Cosy Sofas that go well with the Festive Theme

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’re all set for the jolly holly Christmas. You’ve decked your home with boughs of holly, Christmas tree, crib, decorations and miniature lights. While you do all that, you’ve probably turned your home into a cosy haven to warm up in this cold winter, it’s quite obvious that you’ll spend most of your winter on: the sofa. We’ve picked 16 sofas that go well with the Christmas theme or for that matter any festive theme so you can arrange them to suit your décor needs. 

1. MyApple loveseat by Fama calls for an uninterrupted snuggling time. It has curved contours and soft fabric upholstery that makes you want to linger longer. With the versatility of a chaise longue and the comfort of a personal armchair, it's in a league of its own.
What to do: Deck this loveseat with pillows and settle with your thick warm blanket.

2. Puzzle is a playful sofa by NicolettiHome which can be re-arranged in many ways to suit your needs. With the aid of rotating adjustable backrests and removable armrests adapt the sofa to your comfort level and enjoy being enveloped with cosy elements.
What to do: With Puzzle there are endless possibilities for re-arranging to match your comfort. From two-seater to three and the configurations are never-ending. 

3. The inviting Francis sofa by Koinor is a three seater with a chaise lounge. It features adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests to help you experience exceptional seating and lounging comfort. 
What to do: It’s snug time on this sofa with your blanket and unwinding in your favourite position. The adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests should ease you into any position you love to relax.

4. Arianne Love sofa by Fama is soft, cushy and makes you fall in love with it. It’s possibly the most versatile sofa ever made and lives up to its name with its inviting design and endlessly extendable modules. When it comes to colourful comfort, you'll be hard-pressed to beat this sectional.
What to do: The seats are spacious and robust. You can gather your blanket and relax peacefully or even perhaps go into hibernation. 

5. Herman sofa designed by Studio Memo for Natuzzi is named after the author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville. This is a modular sofa that combines harmony, design, and craftsmanship. It features a fin-shaped metal exterior that envelops the backrest and the seat.
What to do: You can stretch yourself on the chaise lounge and watch TV or you can warm up in the high armrest corner of the sofa.  

6. If it’s something unusual, it’s a MyClub sofa by Fama. With an unusual configuration it allows you to recline in more than one way. It has a secret inbuilt sound system with Bluetooth that allows you to relax and enjoy peacefully. 
What to do: The MyClub sofa is as distinct as you. You can sit, sleep or lie in a comfortable posture and enjoy how the sofa envelopes you when you sit back. While you’re relaxing, you can also listen to the sweet melodies with its Bluetooth enabled music system.

7. The welcoming Gynko sofa by Leolux is clearly endowed with soft, round forms, lovely details, and clever dimensions. The function of the seamlessly adjustable arms allows you to fold them completely up and lean comfortably against them or fold them right down for a tidy look.
What to do: Gynko offers countless distinctive possibilities with its distinct shape. You can choose to sit between the chaise lounge side of the sofa and the normal armrest corner.

8. Koinor’s Patch sofa has a cosy look to it and comes with extra cushions to deliver exceptional ergonomic support. This high backrest sofa ushers lumbar support.  
What to do: Indulge in binge relaxing on this sofa and choose between sectional and two seater options. 

9. The fabric Bora Balanza sofa by the iconic brand Leolux has a slender frame, elegant aluminium legs and contemporary dimensions for unrivalled comfort. This sofa is inspired from the successful Bora series of the 1980s and is adapted to meet the expectations of today.
What to do: Sit in a snug corner of the sofa, with a pile of cushions and relish the truly comfort experience this sofa offers.

10. Pacific modular sofa by Fama has six different independent units that can be assembled into a variety of combinations for your comfort. 
What to do: This sofa is available in curved modules with extra cushions so you can enjoy the cosiness this sofa has to offer. You add more throw pillows and make it look tranquil. 

11. NicolettiHome’s Mood is a fabric sofa designed to meet your changing needs through the day - from sofa to chaise longue to sofa-bed. The backrest cushion adds elegance to the look of this sofa. 
What to do: This soft cushy sofa can be arranged in many ways and the only limit is your imagination. The removable backrest cushion can be used on the floor so you can sit on your carpet and relax. 

12. MySoul sofa by Fama has a double chaise lounge with a gentle rocking motion so you can lay back and have a beautiful time. 
What to do: You can cuddle under your blanket and relax on MySoul and watch TV or even snooze.

13. Easy sofa by Koinor has a velvet touch to it with cross stitching that accentuates the contours of the arm and backrest. Both the ends have loose cushions and comes with a variable head support. 
What to do: You can surround yourself with more lush pillows and enjoying the reclining feature Easy has to offer. 

14. Fama’s Josephine sofa has curved contour, scattered cushions that make it extra cosy, and soft padded backrest. 
What to do: Josephine adds youthful appeal to any space.  The soft fabric upholstery is so inviting, you can add more throw pillows and make it extra comfortable. 

15. Koinor’s Rosa fabric sofa makes an impression with its clear design, adjustable armrests and extra-large cushions.
What to do: Rosa envelopes you with comfort so you can snuggle during the cold nights. 

While your decking your home for Christmas, may your days be merry and bright and the New Year 2017 delight. 

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