Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Four Hottest Colour Trends Emerging at Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw a riot of colour emerge as designers went out of their way to experiment with hues and patterns to excite and inspire. Hues that are soulful. Patterns that trigger emotion. Colours that perfectly encapsulate the mood of a space.

We bring you the four hottest emerging colour trends for the year ahead, straight from Milan! So that you know what’s in, what’s out, and what was dead decades ago.

1. Pastels paint a pretty picture

Guess what’s not white but prettier and more soothing to the eye? Pastels are back. And designers are using them extensively to deck up interiors in a fresh, calming feel.

Pastels like millenial pink, burly wood, rose brown, and nude blush. Fading hues of peach, apricot, salmon, and cantaloupe. Very soft crepe, latte, and sepia tones. Mauve. Frost and wheat hues. Blue of the morning mist and lighter tints of lilac. Orchid, lavender, and light steel. Pistachio and neo mint. Banana, maize and old gold.

Pastels in different shades paired with each other. Or paired with neutrals like grey, ivory, taupe, beige, black and shades of white. Or perhaps contrasted with deeper tones of the same colours as themselves.

Patsels on chairs, juxtaposed against a table in white, to exude unbelievable softness. Or on the sofa, contrasted with a rug in deeper, bolder tones to bring back that striking retro charm of the '50s and '60s.

Pastels inside the bedroom, on headboards and rugs, to emanate a cozy and romantic feel. Pastels on the lights, on the drawers, and on the cabinets to lend an effortless sophistication. Pastels in the kitchen, in the living room, and even in the workspace, for an irresistible appeal.

2. Contra colours boldly lead the way

Be it lending a snuggled and cocooned feel to a space. Or making it look more regal and elegant. Or rather adding a non-conforming pop of colour just to add that missing fun element. Deeper, darker, and bolder tones are in. And designers are undauntedly playing with colours to create a statement.

Pastel shades are being contrasted with inkier tones of the same colours. Chairs and tables in candy red to crimson to ruby to garnet steal attention. Furniture in saturated colours like gen-Z yellow, international klein blue, mango, and burgundy stirs up excitement. Moss green and emerald green on upholstery set the mood just right. Sofas in cinnamon and coffee paired with neutrals like charcoal grey, taupe, and ivory create a classy, suave look.

3. Metallic is the new Black

Metallics spell luxury. And metallic accents are big this year with everything from furniture to curtains to walls to ceiling, all pepped up in bling. Decor pieces sport shimmering golden and scintillating silver accents for the classic Victorian look. Chairs and tables with gilded frames seek to create a nostalgic vintage feel. Metallic highlights like brass, copper, bronze, and nickel create a sleek contemporary look. Interiors get more vibrant and graceful with all the sparkle and shine, paired with a little bit of sass, of course.

4. Prints create a stir

Furniture gets a lot cooler with prints that are brighter, bolder, and unusually daring. Upholstered chairs and sofas sport prints that are overwhelming colourful. Prints floral and otherwise. Prints that are wild, vivid, and stimulating. Psychedelic, even. Patterns and graphics that audaciously stand out. Furniture that screams attention. Furniture that serves as the perfect invigorating piece to an otherwise unexciting space. To keep that vibe alive. And to elevate the style quotient, quite a few notches higher.

Watch this space as we cover more updates in our next post. Follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #DesignSoGood to get the latest and the hottest design trends right in your phone.

Straight from Milan Design Week 2019.
April 9 to 14.
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