How to Organise Your Wardrobe the Celebrity Way


Celebrities effortlessly exude style and sophistication, leading many to believe that achieving such wardrobe perfection demands an elaborate plan, a vast closet, and a team of stylists. Yet, the true secret lies in mastering a few practices and strategies that can transform your space into a functional, stylish haven, simplifying your dressing routine. A wardrobe that not only looks great but is also worthy of a catalogue shoot (well, why not!), capturing the essence of chic living.


This is a principle embraced by individuals with meticulously organised wardrobes, featuring only pieces they cherish and frequently wear. You could begin with a thorough wardrobe audit, letting go of items gathering dust, damaged pieces, or those that no longer resonate with your personal style.


The importance of an organised wardrobe cannot be emphasised enough. A good way to achieve this is by categorising your closet space based on personal needs or organising styles, dividing it into sections by colour, style, type of wear, or season. This method ensures effortless access to specific pieces.


Emphasising the importance of accessories is a hallmark of every renowned wardrobe stylist, a principle seamlessly woven into high-end closets such as our Gliss Master line by Molteni&C. Here, a way to elevate your wardrobe design is by featuring a central island adorned with shelves, drawers, and glass-topped display cases to showcase and organise your accessories with a touch of sophistication.

Storage Styling

The Gliss Master series strikes a balance between hanging and folded apparel, emphasising that efficiency is as important as aesthetics. Refold clothes for a neat display, space hangers an inch apart, and utilise drawer inserts to ensure celebrity-like efficiency where everything is visible at a glance.

Shoe Showcase

Contrary to popular belief, the conventional method of stuffing footwear onto a rack is counterintuitive when aiming for a wardrobe that exudes celebrity-worthy style. Opt for elegance by displaying your shoes on shelves, allowing each pair to bask in its own spotlight, creating a curated ensemble that complements and completes your attire.

This journey into celebrity-inspired wardrobe organisation is more than arranging clothes – it's a narrative of intentional living. Beyond the visual appeal, it's a curated gallery expressing your identity. Where each folded garment and showcased accessory becomes a celebration of your unique style.


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