Thursday, April 09, 2015

Milan 2015 – Peek into the World’s Largest Furniture Fair

The only place you will spot an array of novel designs and the very latest in furniture is at this year’s Salone del Mobile, which is just around the corner. After 54 years of its existence, from promoting Italian furniture and accessories on the export market, to becoming the world's largest international furniture trade fair, the Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair has made an impeccable imprint on the furniture industry. Attracting global participation, the Fair has over 2,000 exhibitors, more than 200,000 sq mt of exhibition space and draws over 300,000 visitors every year from more than 160 countries. In addition to the Salone del Mobile, which is split into Classic, Modern and Design, there’s the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and the SaloneSatellite, which will be flanked by the biennial International Lighting Exhibition (Euroluce) and Workplace3.0 (SaloneUfficio).
Visitors at a previous year's event
Euroluce will celebrate its 28th edition and the 2015 International Year of Light proclaimed by UNESCO, with ‘Favilla- To every light a voice’. It’s an installation by architect Attilio Stocchi, that explores the essence of light and will be located in the centre of Milan. Being the benchmark for the lighting sector, Euroluce is dedicate to innovative lighting solutions and showcases the latest in outdoor, indoor, industrial, special use and hospital lighting solutions, LED lighting systems, light sources and illumination technology software and consulting.

Blackbody at EuroLuce 2013
Workplace3.0 is an exhibition with a new concept dedicated to workspaces, woven with design and technology. The exhibition will be hosted in Pavilions 22-24, gathering top proposals from the furniture world for office.  The major highlight will be ‘The Walk’ by an internationally renowned Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, which is a huge installation within the Workplace 3.0 that showcases ideas and designs for planning diverse platforms of workspace.

Dieffebi at Worktop 3.0/ Salone Ufficio 2013 with Contract Design Network
Additionally, ‘IN ITALY’, a special multimedia presentation by Four in the Morning designed by architect Dario Curatolo will make its début screening Italian lifestyle which includes the uniqueness of Italian living through furnishings, objects and designed spaces. This film will become an interactive App intending to explore five apartments in Lecce, Milan, Rome, Venice and the Sienese hillside which are set in five completely different styles. Besides, the App will explore the histories and products of 64 Italian companies.

SaloneSatellite, one of the most inviting events at the Salone del Mobile, will celebrate its 18th edition with the theme ‘Planet Life’ that will be the focus at the Expo 2015. This year is a major milestone for SaloneSatellite as it reaches adulthood with over 10,000 young designers in the last 18 years, many of whom now enjoy international acclaim. The Expo will be located in Pavilions 22 and 24, the same as Workplace3.0 – with free admission to the general public with access from Cargo 5. The meeting point will be addressed by 700 young designers under the age 35 from all over the world to showcase their work and stand a chance to win the 6th SaloneSatellite Award which honours the three best prototypes in each of the product categories.

Melbourne Movement Designer Jasna Manolios at Salone Satellite during Milan 2012
Likewise, to celebrate the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci, Salone del Mobile has erected a exhibition “LEONARDO 1452- 1519” which will be launched on April 15th at Milan’s Palazzo Reale. The exhibition will present a host of Leonardo’s greatest works which is most likely to be the largest such show ever staged in Italy on the Renaissance genius. Sponsored by the Milan City Council, the exhibition is conceived and produced through the partnership of Palazzo Reale and Skira.

This is an overview of what Salone del Mobile 2015 will stage on a stretch of 6 days starting from April 14th to 19th. Watch this space for more updates and facts. Also get LIVE updates by following us at

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